Our Unique Promise of Value for Video Productions and Website Design

Lifetime Legacies will go above and beyond what is normally expected in the industry and will consistently deliver more than promised.

The Videographers and Website Design Professionals of Lifetime Legacies

Since 2005 we've worked hard to earn the reputation as Florida's Video Boutique, having made the decision early on that we didn't want to be just another video mill. We take on a small number of hand-picked projects each year because we never want to lose touch with the creative, artistic side of our business. And we form a personal bond with our clients because that synergy always makes the final project better on so many levels.

The result has been gratifying to us personally and to our clients. Our projects have been creative, client-oriented, and professional broadcast-quality productions. And we've made many new friends in the process. So... here's your chance to get to know us.

BJ, video producer of Lifetime Legacies in Daytona Beach

BJ is an inventor. Like the idea for those special shoes that clean the floor while you're schlepping around the house... Or selling Roasted Garlic Powder to gourmet chefs...

So it's little wonder that her aunt's memorial service some ten years ago got her thinking. To the dismay of all those who knew and loved Aunt Margy, the preacher was mispronouncing her name.

On the way home that afternoon, BJ planted the seed for Lifetime Legacies: a company that would produce short documentaries telling the touching stories from a person's life. But that, of course, was problematic because, though the idea was a good one, BJ had no previous experience in the field.

So, leaving behind an eclectic career as a travel agent, office manager, restauranteur and appraiser, BJ headed back to college – graduating with Honors from Daytona State College's Digital Media and Television Production program. And as she was hanging up her cap and gown she officially gave birth to Lifetime Legacies.

Since college, BJ has worked at PBS affiliate WDSC-TV in a variety of roles including set designer, floor director, videographer and producer. Currently she produces two acclaimed hotline series, Healthy Lifestyles and Medical Matters. And of course, she's chief videographer and executive producer for all Lifetime Legacies productions.

Steve, videography and website design for Lifetime Legacies in Daytona Beach

Steve's background is varied too. He wrote his first computer program in 1965, while studying business at the University of North Carolina. He did graduate study in Marketing, Organizational Behavior and Management Science at the University of New Mexico.

What followed was a long career in software development, trading and management at some of the largest and best known companies in the country. (And some of the smallest as well.)

But there has always been a strong Right Brain component in Steve's life. From the time he got his first Kodak Brownie as a kid he never stopped taking photographs. His specialty was nature and landscapes and over the years he amassed a number of awards and ribbons for the effort.

Since the inception of Lifetime Legacies, Steve has been shooting video, writing scripts and editing all that raw footage into really nice documentaries. And building on his experience, Steve now hand crafts websites that incorporate video and photography as a part of their overall design.