Spring Frolic, 2009

Pioneer Settlement, Barberville, Florida

Every April the Pioneer Settlement for the Creative Arts sponsors a two-day festival featuring Florida Folk Music, dancing, tons of good food, and exhibits of the pioneer crafts the Settlement has become famous for.

The Settlement has rescued old structures from throughout the area and carefully restored them to help preserve what Florida was like in the old days. It's one of Florida's “Best Kept Secrets”!

You can view our video of the Pioneer Settlement by clicking our Videography link above.

  • Play Sheet on an Old Bass
  • Artistic Image of an Old Bass
  • Young Musicians Play at Spring Frolic
  • The Audience Shows It's Appreciation for the Good Music
  • The Old Church at the Pioneer Settlement
  • Jubal's Kin Play in the Old Church at Barberville
  • The Audience Listens Intently When Jubal's Kin Play
  • Gailanne Amundsen, Her Mom and Katie Waller Jam at the Spring Frolic
  • Musician Tents in Front of the Old Schoolhouse in Barberville, FL
  • Old Caboose at the Pioneer Settlement
  • John Flint, Basketman Concentrates on His Work at the Log Cabin
  • The Dining Room at the Log Cabin - Pioneer Settlement
  • Restored Cottage at the Pioneer Settlement
  • Old Sign from the Strawn-White Citrus Operation in Volusia County
  • Wagon Wheel
    The Pioneer Settlement in Barberville, FL has one of the few remaining Chandler's Shops in the U.S. Here, they repair or build new wagon wheels for shipment countrywide.
  • Old Steamboat from the St Johns River Awaits Renovation at the Pioneer Settlement
  • Executive Director Ross Lishon Has Made the Pioneer Settlement Known for Its Gardens
  • Pioneer Settlement is Known for Its Beautiful Flowers and Gardens
  • A Good Eye for Color
  • A Scarecrow Stands Guard at the Pioneer Settlement's Urban Garden
  • Organic Garden and Pond at the Pioneer Settlement
  • A Rustic Planter Provides a Visual Break at Pioneer Settlement
  • A Welcome Splash of Color at Spring Frolic
  • Old Hand Pump at Pioneer Settlement, Barberville, FL
  • Fresh Vine-Ripe Tomatoes for Sale at Spring Frolic
  • Fresh Picked Summer Squash at Spring Frolic
  • Squash Blossoms in the Organic Garden
  • Peas Bloom at the Pioneer Settlement
  • Vintage Tractors on Display at Spring Frolic
  • A Musician at Spring Frolic Practices before His Performance
  • Spring Frolic Hosts an Antique Car Show Every Year
  • The Pioneer Settlement Has Its Own Fire Truck - A 1918 Model!
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